i was rear ended and the car drove off

Picture this – you’re minding your own business, cruising down the road, when suddenly you feel a jarring impact from behind. You look in your rearview mirror and see the culprit – another car, now speeding off into the distance. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common for many drivers, and it can leave you feeling shaken up, frustrated, and unsure of what to do next. So, if you’ve found yourself in this situation, let’s go over some practical steps you can take to ensure your safety and protect your rights.

What to do when you are rear-ended and the other car drives off

Being involved in a car accident can be a terrifying experience, especially when the other car drives off. This leaves you alone in distress, without knowing what to do next. However, staying calm and following a few simple steps can go a long way in ensuring your safety and protecting your legal rights.

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1. Stay calm and take a deep breath

The first thing you need to do after being rear-ended and the other car drives off is to stay calm. Taking a deep breath and collecting your thoughts can help you keep a clear head and make the right decisions.

Stay calm and take a deep breath

2. Check for injuries and call 911

Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. If anyone is hurt, call 911 immediately and wait for medical assistance to arrive. Do not move anyone who has potentially serious injuries unless you are in immediate danger.

Check for injuries and call 911

3. Move to a safe location

If your car is still drivable, move it to a safe location away from oncoming traffic. This will help prevent further accidents and keep you and your passengers safe.

Move to a safe location

4. Gather information

Even though the other driver has driven off, you may still be able to gather information that can help identify them. Take note of the make and model of the other car, its license plate number, and anything else that may help. Also, take pictures of your car and the accident scene.

Gather information

5. Contact the police

Contact the police as soon as possible to report the hit-and-run. Provide them with any information you have gathered, including the other car’s description. The police will investigate the accident and try to locate the other driver.

Contact the police

6. Contact your insurance company

Contact your insurance company and inform them about the accident. They can guide you through the claims process and help you with any legal matters that arise.

Contact your insurance company

7. Seek medical attention

Even if you feel fine after the accident, it’s essential to seek medical attention. Some injuries may not appear until days or even weeks after the accident. Medical documentation can also help your insurance claim.

Seek medical attention

8. Keep records

Keep all documents related to the accident, including medical bills, police reports, and insurance forms. This information can help you with your insurance claim and any legal proceedings that may arise.

Keep records

9. Speak with an attorney

If you have been injured in the accident, speak with a personal injury attorney. They can help you understand your legal rights and guide you through the claims process, ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve.

Speak with an attorney

10. Conclusion

Being involved in a hit-and-run accident can be a traumatizing experience. However, taking the right steps can ensure your safety and protect your legal rights. Stay calm, gather information, contact the authorities, and seek medical attention if necessary. Remember to keep records and speak with an attorney if you have been injured. By taking these simple steps, you can get the compensation you deserve and move on with your life.


What to Do When Rear-Ended and the Driver Flees The Scene?

Being rear-ended in an accident can be a frustrating and scary experience, particularly if the driver takes off before taking responsibility for their actions. This kind of behavior can be particularly upsetting given the driver who drives off will escape being held accountable for their actions.

Here, we will guide you through the steps you should take if you were rear-ended, and the other driver left the scene.

Stay calm and check for injuries

Regardless of the car’s extent of damage, it is essential to keep a cool head after the accident and check for injuries immediately. If anyone has been hurt, be sure to call local emergency services and seek medical attention immediately.

Get information about the other driver and their car

If possible, it’s important to get the license plate number, make, and model of the car that crashed into you. If other people are in or around the car, try to obtain their driver’s license information, as well. This information can be vital in identifying the other driver later to file your claim.

Call the police and report the accident

Even if the other driver is long gone, you still need to report the accident to the police. Call 911, tell them what happened, and provide any information you have about the other driver. A police report will act as evidence for any insurance claim that you will file.

Take photos and document the damages

Photos and documentation are critical when it comes to making an insurance claim after an accident. This includes taking pictures of all damages to both cars, the license plates of both vehicles, and the scene of the accident.

Ask witnesses for a statement

If any witnesses were around at the time of the accident, ask them for a statement that includes their contact information and any other relevant information related to the crash. Their testimony can help in building a stronger insurance claim or even in the event of a lawsuit.

Contact your insurance company

After you’ve reported the accident to the police, contacted any necessary medical help, you need to inform your insurance company of the car accident. They can help you determine if you have the right coverage to cover expenses related to the accident.

File a claim with your insurance company

After notifying your insurance provider, you need to file the claim so that an adjuster can be assigned to your case.

Contact a personal injury lawyer

If you or any passengers sustain serious injuries during the accident, contact a personal injury attorney right away. You may be eligible for compensation through the driver’s insurance company or through legal action if the driver cannot be located.

Stay informed of your case

Whether there was significant injury during the accident or not, it is important to discuss the next steps with your insurance adjuster or attorney. Stay informed of the case and any negotiations between the insurance companies to help reach a favorable resolution.


Being rear-ended in a hit-and-run accident can be upsetting, but it is important to stay calm, record all details and take the necessary initial steps after the accident. By notifying the police, contacting your insurance company, and possibly hiring a personal injury attorney, you can make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Remember, safety always comes first, so be sure to seek help immediately if anyone is hurt.

What to Do If You Are Rear-Ended and the Car Drives Off

After a hit and run accident, it can be difficult to know what exactly you should do. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself and handle the situation properly:

1. Stay Calm

Being rear-ended can be scary and it’s completely understandable to feel panicked or anxious. However, it is important to try and remain calm to avoid making any rash decisions that could put your safety at risk.

2. Check for Injuries

Check yourself and any passengers in your vehicle for injuries. If you or anyone else needs medical attention, call for an ambulance right away. Even if you feel fine, it’s still a good idea to seek medical attention to ensure there are no hidden injuries.

3. Call the Police

Even if the driver who hit you drove off, it’s still important to call the police. They may be able to gather evidence or witness statements that could help catch the driver or assist with insurance claims later on.

4. Gather Information

If possible, write down the make and model of the car that hit you, as well as the license plate number. If there were any witnesses to the accident, gather their contact information as well.

5. Contact Your Insurance Company

It’s important to contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. They can advise you on what steps to take next and help you file a claim. They may also be able to assist with finding the other driver or providing coverage for any damages or injuries.

Important Information to Gather After a Hit and Run
Make and Model of the Other Vehicle(s)
License Plate Number of the Other Vehicle(s)
Names and Contact Information of Any Witnesses
Police Report Number

Remember, being involved in a hit and run accident can be stressful, but taking the appropriate steps can help to protect you and your loved ones. Stay calm, get medical attention if needed, call the police, gather information, and contact your insurance company to get your life back on track.

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Stay Safe Out There

Well folks, that’s my story of getting bumped from behind and being left high and dry. It’s a strange feeling to be hit and see the other driver speed off into the sunset. But, I’m just happy that I’m okay and no one else was hurt. Please be mindful of your surroundings on the road, and always look out for the unexpected. Thanks for reading my tale, and I hope you’ll come back for more of my life adventures. Take care and drive safely!

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